Artificial Intelligence and Capacity Development

We create, design and implement educational curricula, programs, workshops and executive trainings for governments, universities and firms seeking to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals in their business models and operations. Special focus is paid to the role Artificial Intelligence can play in helping scientists develop their research agendas, entrepreneurs develop their businesses, large firms improve their operations and public entities improve their public systems.

Development Practice Lab - DP Lab

This course, designed and led by André Corrêa d’Almeida, methodically delivers hands-on training for high priority skills in the development field and integrates knowledge across different disciplines. The DP-Lab is a two-semester requirement in the first-year curriculum and it consists of 16 labs taught with the participation of guest practitioners from the field. 


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Global Refugee Response: Policy and Practice

This is a course designed and led by André Corrêa d’Almeida to

  1. create a graduate-level learning opportunity in the field of refugee response with a focus on the Middle East and neighboring regions,

  2. methodically deliver practical and multidisciplinary training for high priority skills in the field of refugee response,

  3. and contextualize practice within the broader political and institutional setting in which response occurs or needs to occur.

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Other Initiatives

China Sustainability Program
Jordan Capacity Building Program
Kazakhstan Sustainable Development Program