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What: Build the dialogues and create the knowledge necessary to address some of the most pressing problems in sustainable development. 

How: Through research, educational programs, collaborative methodologies, experimentation and problem-solving principles


With Whom: With academics, entrepreneurs, public authorities, civil society and industries. Some of our clients and partners include The City of New York, New Lab, NYC Economic Development Corporation, the New York Academy of Sciences, Columbia University, NYU Gov Lab, Cornell Tech, the Portuguese Parliament, the Municipality of Lisbon and Global Futures Group.


Focus Areas: We work across three main critical domains in multiple regions of the world



Applied Research for Change (ARCx) was founded in 2015 by Professor André Corrêa d’Almeida when he created, launched and led the "Smarter New York City" program, with the collaboration of 27 scholars from 9 different universities and 21 research centers. "Smarter New York City” is a program to help city agencies and municipalities design, implement and scale up urban innovation agendas. Lessons learned and recommendations for cities around the world are available in the book published by Columbia University Press. ARCx’s scope of work expanded over the last five years to include programs on Urban Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Circular Economy, Parliamentary Systems Reform, Education for Sustainable Development. 



Our Network of Experts


Smarter New York City

Director of the Design Management program at Pratt Institute

Marie McBride
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Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer of the Governance Laboratory @NYU (GovLab) 

Stefaan Verhulst
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Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in American Government Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

Stephen Goldsmith

Circular City Program


Smarter PTx

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Catholic University of Portugal

Maria Ana Carneiro
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Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University and Dean of the Institute for Distance Learning.

Roberto Carneiro

Reform of the Parliamentary System in Portugal

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Catholic University of Portugal

Pedro Duarte Silva

Artificial Intelligence vs COVID-19 in Portugal - Take the survey


Mapping of AI Innovations in NYC Public Agencies


Collaborative Intelligence Powered by The New York Academy of Sciences

Adam Ingle

Assistant Director, COVID-19 Taskforce at Australian Department of Home Affairs


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