Reform of the Parliamentary System in Portugal

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Challenge / Opportunity
Intervention / Solution / Approach

Prioritizing the possibility of institutional innovation and improvement of the parliamentary system from the opportunities identified by the more than one thousand people who collaborated in this program, including parliamentarians from all main political parties, our work focused on the overall functioning of the parliament, electoral law, political parties funding, the legislative process and the role of media. The outputs and deliverables of this program, which help encourage new behaviors, attitudes, and decisions on the part of political actors, as well as create a shared vision of the future include 1 book, 30 new proposals, 6 new decision-making tools, 1 TV documentary and 1 Artificial Intelligence Dashboard (upcoming).

Forty-four years of parliamentary work in Portugal, since the 1974’s Carnation Revolution, were not sufficient to develop the intelligence -- organizational tools and methodologies, data and assessment systems, dialogue and consensus culture between political parties, ethics, and legislative principles -- capable of producing sustainable policies for the country. In almost half-century, the levels of institutional innovation originated from within the Portuguese legislator have been very limited.

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